Artist submissions


Thank you for your interest!  Here you will find the required file information for submissions

For answers to your most burning questions, along with some helpful instructions, please request our Artist FAQ's by going to our Contact Page

Submission Instructions:

HEY! So glad you're here!

  • Please submit professional photos of the art you have available and would like to offer for rental.  This can be anywhere between 5 to 25 pieces.
  • Please keep your JPEGs between 1 MB - 2 MB
  • Please Title your JPEGS as follows: paintingname_size_price  (example: untitled_24x36_2200)
    • Please no dollar sign, parenthesis, commas, or other symbols, as this corrupts your files, thanks!
  • Click the button below to email the art you would like to offer for rental
    • Please include at least 5 pieces
    • Feel free to include all you have available
  • You will generally hear back from the selection committee within 2 weeks, often before this time